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Hi! I’m Jehane Sharah, founder of Write Your Way.

I’m a copywriter for soulful solopreneurs who are ready to elevate their brands.

When we work together, I’ll dive deep into your business and capture what makes you irresistible.

I’ll write elegantly persuasive words designed to attract your dream clients and compel them to take action.

And I’ll bring strategic insight to the table, so you can glide past your competition and achieve the status you deserve.

Because you have what it takes to be an icon of your industry…you just need words that reflect your brilliance and a message that demands to be heard.

I believe that:

  • Beautiful brands deserve beautiful words.
  • Communication should always be elegant (because there’s no need to shout).
  • Too many women diminish their own value. One of the things I love most about my job is that I help female entrepreneurs confidently articulate just how unique, talented and innovative they are, so they can charge their worth.

Prior to becoming a copywriter, I wrote speeches for some of Australia’s most well-known politicians, worked as a communications adviser in the public sector, and had articles published in leading newspapers and magazines.

Which is kind of surprising, because I’m an introvert and get a little nervous and tongue-tied at interviews.

You’d think, with those odds stacked against me, that I might be destined for a quiet job in a cubicle.

But I realised early on that being able to use words effectively could take you places – especially if you’re an introvert.

You see, with a killer job application and a portfolio of well-written articles under my belt, I usually didn’t have to go through formal interview processes. My work spoke for itself and a casual chat with my prospective employer was often enough to secure the position I’d applied for.

Being able to write in an influential way was my secret weapon.

I eventually quit my safe, well-paying job to start my own business, because I wanted to create more freedom in my life…freedom to travel, freedom to spend my days writing and freedom to work on projects that excite me.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to travel, written copy for inspiring solopreneurs from all around the world, and released two digital products for coaches.

Part of my mission is to help other women create the same level of freedom as I have, so I’ve designed something truly special that will allow you to grow your business and attract more clients.

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