The copy is super successful. I have been getting more traffic through my site and converting two-thirds of that into paid clients! For months I had been struggling with my own allowed me to be myself, fully and brilliantly, without the struggle. Your expertise and kindness truly put me at ease so I could work on other areas of my life and business. The process with you also helped me have more clarity about my own business. I have already recommended you to many colleagues and friends. Anyone with a website looking to free up their time and discover more success would benefit from your services - working with you is greatly worth the investment.
Kelsey Fox Bennett
Founder / Inner Art Creations
Jehane gave me advice on writing newsworthy articles, and boy was my article newsworthy! I pitched it to a section of a major metropolitan newspaper and the article was included in the following issue. I immediately saw a spike in sales and visits to my website as a result. With Jehane’s help, I also became more confident in my writing. She has had such a broad experience in writing and I loved that she brought this insight to the table. She is genuinely helpful and it showed - she wants only the best for her clients.
Sharon Akinyi
APS Criteria
Before our work together, my copy was plain and my message was diluted. You helped me get to the heart of my message and make it shine. With the simple strategies you taught me, I now have the tools to write in a way that engages my ideal customer. My website copy now looks professional and my message is inspiring, reflecting both my personality and my passion.
Denise Da Costa
Professional Organiser, Interior Designer / The Creative Organiser
I was flailing around trying to write my sales copy for months, until I met Jehane - she sorted it out in just a few days! After reading the copy she wrote, I was totally sold on my own offerings! I had stunning clarity on how beneficial my services were and how they'd benefit my ideal client. If I hadn't met Jehane, I'd still be trying even now to get my sales page just right... What I liked best about working with Jehane was, not only did she give me clarity on the benefits of my services, she also offered so much value, in terms of the report, rewrite and Skype call afterward to make sure I was okay with everything. Stellar service! I would definitely recommend Jehane to any business owner who would like to get stunning clarity on her services and copy that sells - fast!
Roshni Dominic
Business Mindset Coach / Roshni Dominic
While living in Japan many years ago, I heard a quote that really impacted me, “There is strength in silence”. Since then, I’ve always been intrigued and drawn to quiet people who say little but do a lot. Jehane Sharah embodies the significance of that quote. I still cannot comprehend how after just one 30 minute phone call and a questionnaire, she was able to craft a compelling ‘About Me’ page that made me feel as though she understood me and my business in a way that no one else has. I was also impressed by her impeccable and razor-sharp writing skills that make whatever she puts together seem effortless and a pleasure to read. Jehane listens loudly and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking for writing with depth that makes a real impact.
Kathya Bustamante
Strategic Business Consultant / Kathya Bustamante
Jehane is a phenomenal copywriter and so much more. She not only helped me clarify my positioning through her initial consultation, but she then read my mind and wrote the copy of my dreams. In addition, Jehane's customer service is unparalleled, and working with her feels like talking to a friend. I would recommend Jehane's services to anyone. Not only is her copy direct and compelling without being pushy or over the top, but working with her allowed me to communicate my message more clearly and genuinely than I could have with anyone else. I would especially recommend Jehane to entrepreneurs who are interested in real results - connecting with their audience and growing their business.
Luisa Zhou
Growth Strategist / Luisa Zhou
Working with Jehane has been a dream. I had a big vision of where I wanted to take my business, but I was struggling to put it into words that would touch my ideal client. Jehane has done that and more. Since implementing the copy she created for me, I have had several women tell me they felt "drawn in" by it, as if I was "speaking to their soul". The copy has truly gotten my message out in a clear, concise manner that's definitely having the desired effect.
Mariah Neeson
Barefoot massage therapist and transformational life coach / The Space
Jehane has a gorgeous gift of being able to pick up your vibe, give order to writing chaos and let your personality shine in her copy right from the get-go. She is one talented gal - and a joy to work with!
Lisa Fraley
JD, Legal Coach + Attorney / Lisa Fraley
Jehane gave my copy CPR and made it come to life with added sparkle and magic. The language she used really captured my personality and was in perfect alignment with my branding. Working with Jehane was also a total pleasure. She's incredibly patient and understanding, and she took the time to listen to my wants and needs. I was so fortunate to come across someone with her writing skills and I highly recommend her.
Hanadi Zakaria Odesanmi
Mindset Life Coach / Transform Mindset
I love, love, love how you were able to really get what I was trying to impart through all of my rambling. I would absolutely recommend your copywriting services to other business owners. You were so good at taking the time to understand my message. Your writing is effective and on the point. It really makes potential clients understand why they need my services.
Gail Dasher
Moving Forward Therapy