An easy way to make your competition irrelevant

Do you ever get jealous of your competition?

I have to admit that when I first started my business, I looked around at other copywriters and felt a pang of dismay.

They all seemed so larger than life, outgoing and quirky…like the cool girl at the party who everyone wants to be around.

In contrast, I’m a quiet introvert. I don’t swear much, crack lewd jokes, use hipster lingo or talk like a cowgirl/punk rocker/gangster.

I couldn’t help wondering why anyone would want to work with me when they could hire someone more ‘fun’.

It even crossed my mind that I should change my branding and style if I wanted to succeed.

But ultimately I decided there was no point trying to be someone I’m not (in fact, just thinking about it made me exhausted).

So I embraced my quiet energy and started using it in my branding. I even told people upfront that I was an introvert.

And then something funny happened.

People started contacting me saying they wanted to work with me because I wasn’t like so many other copywriters out there.

They told me they wanted engaging and influential copy, but didn’t think their customers would respond to a style that was too outrageous or over the top.

And I finally got it.

My competitors aren’t really my competitors at all. Click To Tweet

They may be in the same industry, but they attract a totally different type of client than I do.

Just as I’m not going to be everyone’s dream copywriter, neither are they.

Once I understood this concept, I was able to banish the constant anxiety that comes with comparisonitis, and just get on with growing my business.

It’s ironic that many new entrepreneurs who feel inferior to their competition end up trying to change themselves in an attempt to ‘fit in’, when the best response is to do the exact opposite.

By wholeheartedly embracing who you are, you’ll find that running your business becomes so much easier…and you’ll discover that a lot of people have been waiting to work with someone just like YOU.

Here are three pieces of advice that will make your competition irrelevant:

1. Choose your niche

Having a clearly defined niche will help set you apart from your competition and make it easier to attract new clients. Deciding on a niche can be scary because we tend to focus on the potential customers we might lose, rather the ones we will gain as a result of being so targeted.

But being all things to all people is never going to work as a marketing strategy, so the sooner you carve out a niche for yourself, the sooner you’ll forget about your competitors.

2. Tell your story

There’s a great piece of copywriting advice that says your ‘about me’ page isn’t about you at all – it’s actually about your potential customers. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs have misinterpreted this and avoid talking about themselves altogether.

While it’s true that your ‘about me’ page should start off by explaining how you can help your prospects, you also need to establish your authority and let people get to know (and trust) you. The main difference between you and your competition is your unique life experience, so it’s important to play this up.

Unless you’re in a witness protection program, don’t shy away from telling your story. Click To Tweet

3. Believe in yourself

Even successful entrepreneurs experience comparisonitis, but because they believe in themselves so strongly, they don’t let it get them down for too long.

Instead of getting into a negative mindset when you compare yourself to someone else, remember that you have just as much of a right to succeed as they do.

Try focusing your energy on something positive that will help take you to the next level – for instance, how can you improve your marketing or social media skills?

I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever suffered from comparisonitis? How did you overcome it? Scroll down and leave a reply.


4 Comments on An easy way to make your competition irrelevant

  1. Lori
    February 18, 2015 at 9:04 am (2 years ago)

    Thanks so much for this. This is exactly what I needed to hear! This week I will challenge myself to telling my story!

    • Jehane Sharah
      February 18, 2015 at 9:19 am (2 years ago)

      Yay! I’m so excited to hear that, Lori. Send me a link when you’re done – I’d love to read it. 🙂

  2. Ann-Marie
    April 19, 2015 at 8:16 pm (2 years ago)

    What a great post with such an important topic. It’s so easy to lose sight of this when you’re feeling a bit flat, or even when you’re looking for the next thing to focus on in your business. I’ll definitely be implementing these!

    • Jehane Sharah
      April 19, 2015 at 9:47 pm (2 years ago)

      Thanks for the feedback, Ann-Marie. I’m so happy this post resonated with you – we’ve all been there. 🙂


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